Peter Jungmann's Private Pilot Review

Required References

Preflight Preparation
ACS Section Topic Page of ACS
(I,A) Pilot qualifications 3
(I.B) Airworthiness requirements 4
I.C Weather information 5


Cross Country Flight Planning 6
I.E National Airspace System 7
I.F Performance and Limitations 8
I.G Operation of systems 9
I.H Human Factors 10
Preflight Procedures
II.A Preflight Assessment 12
II B Flight Deck Management 13
II C Engine Starting 14
II D Taxiing 15
II F Before Takeoff Check 17
Airport Operations
III A Communications, Light Signals, Runway lighting Systems 18
III B Traffic Patterns 19
Takeoffs Landings and Go-arounds
IV A Normal Takeoff and Climb 20
IV B Normal Approach and Landing 21
IV C Soft Field Takeoff and Climb 23
IV D Soft Field Approach and Landing 24
IV E Short-field takeoff and maximum performance climb 25
IV F Short-field Approach and Landing 26


IV M Forward slip to a landing 33
IV N Go-around / Rejected landing 34
Performance and Ground Reference Maneuvers
V A Steep Turns 35
V B Ground Reference Maneuvers 36
VI A Pilotage and Dead Reckoning 37
VI B Navigation Systems and Radar Services 38
VI C Diversion  
VI D Lost Procedures 40
Slow Flight and stalls
VII A Maneuvering during slow flight 41
VII B Power off stalls 42
VII C Power on stalls 43
VII D Spin Awareness 44
Basic Instrument Maneuvers
VIII A Straight and level flight 45
VIII B Constant Airspeed Climbs 46
VIII C Constant Airspeed Descents 47
VIII D Turns to headings 48
VIII E Recovery from Unusual Flight Attitudes 49
VIII F Radio communications, Navigation Systems, Facilities and Radar Services 50
Emergency Operations
IX A Emergency Descent 51
IX B Emergency approach and landing (Simulated) 52
IX C Systems and Equipment Malfunctions 53
IX D Emergency Equipment and Survival Gear 54
X Multiengine Section 55-61
XI A Night Preparation 62
XII A After landing, Parking and securing 63