I Preflight Preparation
D. Cross Country Flight Planning
References 14 CFR ยง91; FAA-H-8083-2, FAA-H-8083-25B; Navigation Charts; Chart Supplements; AIM; NOTAMS
Objective To determine that the applicant exhibits satisfactory knowledge, risk management and skills associate with cross-country flights and VFR flight planning.
The applicant demonstrates understanding of
K1 Route planning including consideration of:
  • different classes of airspace
  • Special use airspace(SUA)
  • selection of appropriate navigation/communication systems and facilities
AIM chapter 1
FAA 8083-25B (chapter 15)
Navigation Charts
K2 Altitude selection accounting for:
  • terrain and obstacles
  • glide distance of the airplane
  • VFR cruising altitudes
  • and the effect of wind
Navigation Charts
Gliding Distance: POH
VFR Cruising altitudes §91.159
K3 Calculating:  
K3a a:
  • Time
  • Climb and descent rates
  • course
  • distance
  • heading
  • true airspeed
  • groundspeed
FAA H 8083-25B (Chapter 16)
FAA H 8083-25B Calculating (16-11)
POH Perfornance charts (Section 6)
  • Time fuel and distance to climb
  • Cruise performance

K3b b. Estimated time of arrival to include conversion to Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) AIM (4-2-12) Coordinated Universal time
FAA H 8083-25b (16-3,4,5)
K3d c. Fuel requirements to include reserve §91.151
K4 Elements of a VFR flight plan 1-800-wxbrief
File a flight plan (1800wxbrief.com)
K5 Procedures for activating and closing a VFR flight plan  
The applicant demonstrates the ability to identify, assess and mitigate risks, encompassing:
R2 Aircraft
R3 EnVironment (eg., weather, airports, airspace, terrain, obstacles).
R4 External pressures
R5 Limitations of air traffic control (ATC) services AIM (4-1-17,18)
FAA 8083-25B(13-16)(14-24)
R6 Improper fuel planning Fuel requirements for VFR flight: §91.151
Applicant demonstrates the ability to:
S1 Prepare, present and explain a cross-country flight plan assigned by the evaluator including a risk analysis based on real-time weather, to the first fuel stop Requirements of a VFR Flight plan: §91.153
VFR Fuel Requirements: §91.151
S2 Apply pertinent informationfrom appropriate and current aeronautical charts, Chart Supplements; NOTAMS relative to airport, runway and taxiway colosures; and other publications 1800WXbrief.com Notams (select plain text!)
S3 Create a navigation plan and simulate filing a VFR flight plan  
S4 Recalculate fuel reserves based on a scenario provided by the examiner