XI. Night Operations
A. Night Preparation
References FAA-H-8083-2, FAA-H-8083-3, FAA-H-8083-25B; AIM; POH/AFM
Objective To determine that the applicant exhibits satisfactory knowledge, risk management, and skills associated with night operations
The applicant demonstrates understanding of
K1 Physiological aspects of vision related to night flying  
K2 Lighting systems identifying airports, runways, taxiways and obstructions, as well as pilot controlled lighting  
K3 Airplane equipment and lighting requirements for night operations  
K4 Personal equipment essential for night flight  
K5 Night orientation, navigation and chart reading techniques  
The Applicant demonstrates the ability to identify, assess and mitigate risks encompassing:
R1 Collision hazards to includ aircraft, terrain, obstacles and wires.  
R2 Distractions, loss of situational awareness, or improper task management  
R3 Hazards specific to night flying  
Skills N/A

Not generally evaluated in flight. If the practical test is conducted at night, all ACS Tasks are evaluated in that environment, thus there is no need for explicit Task elements to exist here.